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The Future of Executive Remuneration and Its Role In Being A Societal Force For Good

Peter Finnegan
Communique International
Managing Director

Frederic Barge
Reward Value

The Future of Executive Remuneration and Its Role In Being A Societal Force For Good

Tuesday April 20th | 4 pm GMT | 11 am EST

Executive remuneration has been a hot topic of discussion. Specifically, how it can best drive leaders to maximize the returns for their shareholders?

With short term financial targets often being the singular focus and metric of CEO and C-Suite performance, the long term societal impact – and indeed the long term performance and returns of the company – are often considered ‘tomorrow’s challenge’.

But in an ever-evolving world where regulations, corporate responsibility and societal expectations demand that corporations play their part in guiding us towards a safe, healthy and sustainable planet and society – the importance of forward-thinking executive remuneration that incentivizes longer-term thinking has reached a critical juncture.

In this webinar, we speak to Frederic Barge, one of the world’s foremost executive remuneration thinkers on precisely these challenges.

Frederic is a published author, former KPMG partner and HR executive who has held several global positions for businesses and institutions at a management and supervisory level on executive remuneration, including ABN AMRO, Ahold/Ahold Delhaize and Robeco Institutional Asset Management.

Frederic is leveraging his life’s work to modernize executive remuneration and is the founder of a non-profit organization, Reward Value. Reward Value’s goal is to enable the talents of millions of smart people and the capital of millions of investors to future proof the world’s corporations’ capacity to be a force for good.

In this conversation, we explore how some of the leading academics, business leaders and institutional investors are realizing that performance-based pay, aligned with sustainability goals/ corporate contributions, can have the best potential for long term value creation for their companies.

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