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We enable global business leaders to communicate their wisdom and knowledge so that they can have a real impact on the world and achieve their ambitions.

Providing Clarity and Driving Results

As a leader, you are an outlier who has been rewarded with career accolades and success. But success does not define your brand when competing with other leaders for business and opportunities.

Success is only the starting point.

In today’s business environment, the ability to showcase your thought leadership across online and offline channels can differentiate you from your competitors and help you unlock your business and personal goals, such as;

Our Approach

We work with global leaders every day to take their personal brand from an abstract concept to one that drives business and life outcomes.

We do this by using our 4 Pillar Personal Branding Strategy that has had extraordinary results across some of the toughest and most competitive industries out there.

Step 1: Define Your Brand

Uncover the unique value that has led you to become a leader

Clarify your personal goals to frame your personal brand development.

Develop incisive personal perspectives on the evolving dynamics in sectors relevant to your personal brand.
Uncover the unique value and wisdom you have accumulated throughout your career to date.

Step 2: Optimize Your Leadership Profile

Develop an online presence that reflects your offline professionalism and status

Identify and target an online community of relevant influencers.
Undertake a personal branding audit to assess your current online profile.
Design a thought-leadership profile across multiple digital channels that reflect your experience, expertise, and wisdom.

Step 3: Communicate Your Thought Leadership

Share your wisdom that will position you as a premium asset

Devise a personal SEO strategy to position you as industry leader.
Implement and manage your content strategy to make the best use of your time.
Develop a compelling content strategy so that you are viewed as a thought leader and key influencer.

Step 4: Create New Opportunities

Build relationships with those who hold most influence your ambitions

Create a targeted outreach strategy to engage with priority key influencers.
Engage in bespoke message preparation to deliver outcome-led meetings that progress your personal goals and objectives.
Develop a results-driven personal branding agenda and action plan.

Case Studies

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Case Study

Case Study

Developing Thought Leadership And Building Profile As Country Leader
"The program that the Communique team developed and implemented with me was grounded in my own business objectives, which ensured that there was a direction to my effort. Thankfully this reaped serious dividends for me - I am now positioned where I should be in the market, my media profile has grown and I've facilitated new business and deepened existing relationships too."
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Case Study

Case Study

From super operative to country leader
"Leaders Take Action is a motto that the team really instilled in me, and it's something I try and live by every day. I needed a push to get going on this because it forced me outside of my
comfort zone - but I'm 100% certain that I would still only be a managing director if I had waited for an opportunity to fall into my lap as opposed to taking the initiative to create my own. Follow the system, and you will get results. It's as simple as that."
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Case Study

Case Study

From high achiever to partner
"I had always dismissed personal branding as 'woo-woo' and didn't think it would have an impact on my career - particularly as I was overachieving in my position.

But my presence - from both an online and personal perspective - was not one of a leader. And it took me a while to get to terms with this and to recognize that it was holding back my progression.

With the support of the team I put together a practical strategy that actually made sense to me, and not only did I make the step up I knew I deserved - I feel I've actually grown a lot as a person too
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What Our Clients Say

Kevin Fedigan

Former Chief Information Officer – BNY Mellon

“I’ve been working with the Communiqué team for almost a year now and I find their personal branding service to be fantastic.

The teams’ approach is to get a deep understanding of one’s background, unpick your strengths and then develop a branding approach from those strengths towards fulfilling whatever objective one would use an executive coach for…whether that is to improve one’s thought leadership, develop an outreach campaign, improve sales, augment your online presence, etc.”

“Communiqué International has played an invaluable role in helping me uncover, define and articulate my leadership personal brand.

I enjoyed working with the team; the methodologies and frameworks they use are logical yet challenging, and I now have a clear road map and strategy as to how I can maximize my personal brand equity going forward.”

Adrian M Odgers

Head of Global Digital Experience – Fidelity International

Tom O' Connor

Corporate Real Estate Lawyer – Maples Group

“Working with the Communiqué team was challenging and thought-provoking but above all, well worth the effort and the expense.

Ruaidhri is someone who I thoroughly enjoyed working with and who I would be very happy to recommend.”

“Engaging with the Communiqué International team has opened up a new level of business reach and opportunity for myself and my firm.

Additionally, their astute analysis of my business background and digital presence successfully catalyzed my approach to thought leadership which provides significant value and perspective to key players across my industry.”

Neeraj Maathur

Director – Tower Research Capital

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