Leadership Personal Branding

Accelerate growth, increase your valuation and realize your ambitions through optimizing your leadership personal brand.

A New World

We live in an age where more capital, investment opportunities, and product solutions are available to the market than ever before.
In these fast-changing times, a company brand, so often considered an intangible asset, now has a very public microcosm of people leadership brands representing it, both online and offline.

Learn how leaders of high growth companies are optimizing their leadership brands as a value creation strategy by downloading our guide.

A Modern and Innovative Value Creation Strategy

When building your business, a small group of decision makers – be it investors, board members, partners or clients – hold an inordinate amount of influence over your future ambitions.
Having an optimized leadership personal brand enables you to integrate your online and offline profile to build, develop and deepen the relationships you have with the 30-100 current and future decision makers who most affect your ability to realize your value creation goals.

Accelerate Your Value Creation Ambitions

At Communiqué, we optimize the leadership brands of forward thinking, high growth leaders who are striving to:
Drive revenue
Be a talent magnet
Position their company for an acquisition
Raise a private or public investment round

Brands We Partner With:

We work with leaders in both challenger and established technology companies to enable them to accelerate their ambitions and growth potential.


Every day, we partner with leaders:
Who have an underdeveloped profile in their market amongst key external stakeholders.
Who are looking to win market share from legacy/established competitors.
Whose company brand is tied to servicing one industry segment.
Whose industry views change as risky and complex which slows down product adoption.
Who have to communicate the value of their role in the next stage of the company’s growth journey to investors.
Who are challenged in winning the war for talent.

Position Yourself as a Modern Leader

Future proof your growth, your ability to make a real impact and realize your optimal value creation outcome.
Learn how forward thinking leaders of high growth companies are modernizing their leadership branding as a key differentiator from their competitors.

Download Our Guide

Download our guide to find out why and how high-growth CEOs and founders are modernizing their leadership brands.

Most leaders are not applying investment level rigour or thinking when it comes to how they are viewed by the key decision makers who can most influence their value creation ambitions.

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